Sunday, 28 October 2012

Nagala South Peak Trek

I have been trekking with CTC for the last one year. But I have never been to Nagala , the homeground of CTC. When I decided I have to go to Nagala , CTC temporarily cancelled trekking to Nagala . I had to wait nearly 2 months for the Nagala Trek. When I got the email from Brijesh for the Nagala Trek, I immediately registered. After registering, I informed Varun that he can also register. He was showing some interest towards trekking and asked me to inform when I go for the next trek. Funny world you see. He got selected for the trek but I didn't . I thought I had to wait for the next trek to Nagala. But Varun kept pestering me and asked me to join this trek somehow. I emailed Brijesh that if somebody is withdrawing in the last moment , then he can consider me. Luckily somebody withdrew and I came in.

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